Undress Your Stress, Improve Your Intuition

I've come to recognize and encourage the voice of my intuition. It's that quiet little voice that emanates from my heart. It took me a while to decipher the difference between desire (something I wanted, often really badly) and the wiser and more resourceful voice of intuition.

I attended a Kitsilano Chamber Morning Business Seminar entitled How to Harness Intuition for Business Success. Psychotherapist and author of Simply Spirit, Joseph Eliezer, brewed up an early morning presentation that captured the hearts and minds of those of us fortunate enough to be in attendance. He supported his presentation with research, sprinkled it liberally with humour and grabbed our attention with interesting titles like The Wayne Gretzky Technique and The 7th Inning Stretch.

I particularly liked his clear explanation of the three types of intuitive experiences. Perhaps you are familiar with them?

  1. The A-Ha! (Eureka!)
  2. The All Good (A feeling of rightness)
  3. The Oh, No! (Alarm!)

Can you guess which experience I had on my way to the seminar? You see, my intuition told me that I would be winning a door prize. I was certain of it. A name was drawn for a copy of Joseph's book, Simply Spirit. Just like that, my certainty evaporated. Another name was called.

I began to question that feeling I had earlier that morning. Then, it was announced that there would be a second draw. As the business card was pulled from the bag, I could see my logo! That quiet voice was right, after all!

I'll be doing a celebratory dance in gratitude for my intuition and for my new dress orthotics, thanks to Christian Johannsen at Foot Solutions in Vancouver.

As I continue to practice my stress undressing techniques which, once the stress is undressed, are actually performance enhancing techniques, I notice that my intuition is becoming sharper and more accurate.

Stress is noisy - it distracts, hurts and takes your intention and attention away from what you really want or need to do. Use the power of the heart to help change the chemical cascade that occurs when you are going about your day. You are breathing, thinking and feeling anyway, why not make it count?

In five, one-hour, once weekly sessions, I can provide you with tools and techniques that will make a difference to you. Tools and techniques that will help you access your intuitive abilities when you practice them on a regular, go-about-your-day basis.

Does intuition play a role in your life? How? What are you doing to strengthen your intuition?

2 Replies to “Undress Your Stress, Improve Your Intuition”

  1. How wonderful that your sense of intuition is becoming clearer as you continue to practice and further develop your undressing stress techniques, Marianna 🙂 In this particular case, I almost feel like you had the ability to forsee the future… but perhaps a sense of intuition improves upon one’s ability to anticipate what will happen in the future. Is that how you would define intuition?

    1. Dorlee,
      Hmmm, now you’ve got me thinking about whether intuition incorporates an aspect of predictability. I never looked at it in that way. The times it has happened, I’ve just had a quiet sense that such and such would occur. It seems to bubble up from my heart; I just know.

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