#425 – Missed Appointments

We all lose when someone neglects to keep or is late for their appointment. Regardless of whether it is a publicly-funded program or one that you pay for privately, the burden of cost is carried by all of us. Missed appointments throw the schedule out of tune - think of it as a carefully-timed instrument, which serves to harmonize the day.

One person's tardiness or absence not only throws the practitioner's day out of sync, but also denies a slot to someone who badly wants or needs the appointment.

Recently, I was horrified to learn that more people than you'd imagine actually don't show up for surgery! That's one of the reasons hospitals require patients to be there significantly in advance of their surgery time. When time is money, an empty operating room increases hospital and healthcare costs. It also takes away from those who are anxiously awaiting surgery.

So, please be considerate. Keep your appointments. Develop a system or use an app to keep you on track with your appointments. Provide adequate notification if you have to cancel.

If fear is causing you to avoid surgery, I can help you with that.

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