#419 – Let There Be Light

I've written about the importance of carrying a small flashlight on Light the Night. On Roll Away Flashlight, I showed you a trick I use to keep my flashlight within reach, when I'm in bed.

To brighten up your life, I'd like to share an app that I really like. It's called Flashlight by Rik. I used it last night to find something I had dropped outside. Oh, and that item I lost, then found? It was my key ring, which held my mini flashlight!

2 Replies to “#419 – Let There Be Light”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this flashlight app. That’s a handy tool to have; it may even help me find things in my pocketbook 🙂

    1. Dorlee, that’s a good idea re. the black hole that is a purse. Some designers are beginning to line purses with a lighter colour, which helps.

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