#416 – Stuck?

I've seen nimble-fingered people picking at the roll of tape so they can complete their packaging job. It's that much more of a challenge for those of us with less-than-agile fingers.

Here's a little trick I picked up from who knows where.

Once you've finished with the tape, place a paperclip so that half of it is underneath the sticky part. The next time you go to use it, just grab the paperclip and start taping! It's such a simple solution, and one that is so much easier than wielding those specially designed roller tape dispensers that just seem to make a mess.

auntie stress packing tape

6 Replies to “#416 – Stuck?”

  1. I guess that same paperclip will also stop the tape from rolling off the table and all the way down the hall when you put it down.
    Cool tip

  2. I hate it when the person before me folds over the end of the tape! Extra cut required before even starting to tape.

    Great idea about the paper clip. Off to find all the rolls of tape around here and some paper clips…

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