#415 – Forget the Bucket List, Make a Life List

Yes, we're all going to go at some time or another, but while we're here, let's make the most of it.

As someone who is a recovering worrier, I don't need a Bucket List reminding me of my departure, regardless of how far off it may be. I've chosen to create a Life List, instead. After all, that's what life is meant for - living!

Some of the things on my Life List are small and do-able; others require some planning. Money would help, too! Then there are the ones that require luck. Like winning some front row tickets to the 2013 Fleetwood Mac concert. I was going to limit it to Vancouver, but why not open up the possibility of any venue! Europe would be nice!!

Rob Reiner does a fantastic job of using film to share stories that are not only heart-warming but also inspiring. Often, you'll shed a few tears, of both laughter and sadness. The Bucket List is one of those films that reminds you to heed the callings of your heart.

What is on your Life List?

10 Replies to “#415 – Forget the Bucket List, Make a Life List”

  1. I like Life List and I would add a visit to Taveuni, know as Fiji’s “Garden Island”. One reason why is because in this paradise is a beautiful lake. To reach the lake one faces a serious hike of some three or four hours, up streams and steep muddy trails. However, once at the shores of this lake one finds Fiji’s most beautiful wild flower, the Tagimoucia flower.

    It is said that if you are lucky enough to see the Tagimoucia flower in bloom that the person that you are with will turn out to be the love of your life.

  2. That looks like a movie I would enjoy. I think my main out of the ordinary plan/goal of the moment is to go to BC and have lunch with you, and Jane Waterman, and maybe Carolyn Thomas, and go to the Downtown EastSide shelter and meet Natalie. Oh and then we go visit our grandchildren

    If I see a Fleetwood Mac contest I will let you know

    1. Hi Annette,
      It’s a great movie. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts, after you’ve watched it.

      I’ll also look forward to your visit…and those Fleetwood Mac tickets! LOL!

  3. Bucket List is one of my all time favourite movies as I can relate to both the characters so vividly portrayed by two of my all time favourite actors. Now that you have kindled my interest, I shall watch it again.

  4. I agree completely. I’ve had a Life List for about 20 years — keep adding, crossing out and watch a space shuttle take off). I never liked the phrase Bucket List, it’s too negative.

    Wait… I just realized I can cross off another thing on the list: write a book! 😉

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