#409 – Be a Copycat

I really like that song; however, there are times when you don't have to go your own way.

It's true that rheumatoid arthritis can and does behave differently in each individual. The common denominator, though, is a disease that is disabling, debilitating and painful.

There is wisdom to be gained from those who are managing their disease well. Borrow from those who have gone ahead. Be a copycat. Find out what they are doing that is working well for them. Are there elements that you can adopt or adapt in your own life?

Finally, when you do try on a new behaviour, give yourself time to see whether it is right for you.

Note: Five minutes and twenty-four seconds. That's how long I was up on my feet dancing to that song. That's a pretty enjoyable way to sneak in some exercise and provide me with a break from the computer.

6 Replies to “#409 – Be a Copycat”

  1. This idea works no matter what it’s applied to. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.

    PS lovely song! Loved the beginning rhythm especially.

    1. Hi Lene,
      You speak wise words, woman! 😉

      Me too re. the opening. I’ve found myself going back to that more than a few times. Fleetwood Mac is coming here in May. I would love to go, as they are on my Life List. Unfortunately, the only tickets left are behind the stage. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win some. (Make it so!)

  2. I can remember when I first had little ones. Maybe even into all 5 boys. A good song would come on the radio and we would dance and jump and just let go for a few minutes. I have not done that in forever.

    i saw Fleetwood Mac in Bremen, Germany in highschool. Back when dinosaurs still roamed, just ask my kids. ;~)

    1. Hi Karen,
      It sounds like it’s time to “dance,jump and just let go for a few minutes”. Lately, I find myself doing it to Go Your Own Way. 🙂

      Did you see many concerts when you were in Germany…”when the dinosaurs roamed”? 😉

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