#408 – Year-Round Gift Shopping

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Years ago, I learned that last-minute gift shopping and rheumatoid arthritis do not go well together. The crowds, the lack of selection, the heat of the stores, the weather - all those things serve to drain my energy.

I have a solution, though. I shop for the people on my gift list throughout the year. Whenever I see something I think someone would like - all the better when it is on sale! - I buy it, bring it home and it goes into the Rubbermaid Gift Box.

Around the beginning of December, I pull out the box and do an inventory to see what I have. Often, most of my shopping is complete. I love that! It's the stress-free way to shop.

So, even if you're not fond of my most recent giveaway for a leather wristlet from Danier, perhaps there's someone on your gift list who might appreciate it. It's never too early to start your shopping!

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8 Replies to “#408 – Year-Round Gift Shopping”

  1. I’ve shifted my gift buying to being primarily online. Throughout the year, whenever I notice things on different websites that make me think of someone in particular, I put the link in my annual gift document. Around August, I start buying a few items every month to spread out the impact on my bank account. 2012 with the first year I didn’t go near the mall after November!

    1. Lene,
      Yes, on-line buying is a wonderful option to anyone who is mobility and energy-challenged. I like that you are so organized as to have a gift document. Do those items every go on sale?

  2. I love this idea… and have typically done this for my relatives who live far away (so as to be prepared for our typical annual visit to see them). I haven’t applied it for people who live nearby though – probably due to the lack of space one has in an apartment.

  3. When we are stuck we give everyone socks because there is a sock factory nearby. But etsy is my next favourite. I am begiining to see why you have 2 blogs. I have a great little zipper bag with a Japanese cat print but it wouldn’t fit in

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