#401 – Treadmill

My hip replacement was a success. My stay at the rehabilitation hospital was done. It was time to begin out-patient physiotherapy.

One of the best things that Anne, my physiotherapist, did for me was to get me walking on a treadmill. I began very slowly, increasing it as I became stronger and my gait evened out.

A poor gait develops as a result of the years of living with a deteriorating hip. A kindergarten student aptly described my sidle-hitch-waddle walk here. The pain of bone on bone forces you to compensate, which then becomes habit, which is evident even after a prosthetic hip is in place. It's important to observe, correct and practice your new walk post-hip replacement.

The slow, regular speed of the treadmill forces you into walking more naturally. It's even better if there is a mirror in place to check out how good you look monitor your gait.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check with your healthcare professional before beginning this on your own.

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