#396 – Height Matters

Especially when you are renewing your passport, driver's licence or other government document.

If you haven't done so, take the time to measure your height and weight. Wishful thinking aside, don't just assume that you are the same height as you were the last time you renewed paperwork. You probably have a good idea of how much or little you weigh, but in case you don't, check that out as well.

You might be surprised to discover that shrinkage happens.

When you live with a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, that shrinkage might happen more rapidly than in the general population. The bone-shattering link between RA and osteoporosis may occur for a number of reasons:

  • the disease process itself
  • the steroids you may take at one time or another
  • unrelenting pain and mobility-impairment may prevent you from regularly participating in bone-building activities

Another height-changer can be the result of a leg length discrepancy following a hip replacement, as in my case. There's a slight change to my height, dependent upon which foot I stand.

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