#386 – Menopause – Maintain Your Cool

auntie stress fan

I hemmed and hawed about publishing this post. Then, I thought about how, when you have a chronic illness, it can sometimes seem that a cold or a hot-flash can push you over the edge.

Here are some tips that help me lessen the effects of that explosive rise in temperature:

  • drink less coffee
  • eat fewer carbs and sweets
  • wear three-piece pajamas to bed
  • regularly undress my stress - this allows me to have some control over the bio-chemical cascade that occurs with how I think and feel

I wonder if:

  • those sweater twin-sets were originally designed by women?
  • engineers are missing an important source of heating?

Finally, here is a commercial that I have come to fully appreciate only since I started to feel the heat.

What do you do to help you maintain your cool?

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