#380 – Soup’s On

auntie stress soup
Soup's On! How does Bean Soup sound?

Do you like soup? I do, especially home-made. It's one of my favourite things to make, for a number of reasons, including:

  • you can load it with veggies
  • you can throw in those less-than-perfect veggies - who is going to know?
  • you can control what goes into the soup, like sodium and fat
  • no artificial ingredients
  • it's cost efficient
  • you don't have to lug cans home from the grocery store
  • there's less garbage
  • one pot means less work - both in preparation and clean-up
  • it's a good thing to make when energy levels wane
  • if you double your batch, you'll have enough for several meals

Do you have a house soup? Let me know if you would like the recipes, which are based on instinct more than anything else!

auntie stress bean soup
Bean Soup
auntie stress Borscht
auntie stress Green Curry Quinoa Soup
Green Curry Quinoa Soup

12 Replies to “#380 – Soup’s On”

  1. oooh! the bean soup looks like something one of my local restaurants has on the menu once in a blue moon and which is the best soup I’ve ever had (that I didn’t make myself). They call it black bean soup or Mexican black bean soup and it’s this thick, brown hearty thing. Looks kinda dull, but tastes divine. So, yes. Please. Would love your bean soup recipe.

  2. The only homemade soup we make at the moment is the Tomato Soup from South Beach Diet book.

    It is quite easy and filling. You need to wash 2 things though – the pot and the blender container.

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