Mirthful Monday: Wrong Number, Right

After playing an extended game of Telephone Tag, I finally caught up with my friend. She told me that when she called me, she had enthusiastically wished me a "Happy Birthday!".

"Thank you!" came the reply.

"Wait a minute, you don't sound like Marianna," said my friend.

"No, I'm not, but it is my birthday today. So, thank you," answered the stranger.

When I shared that anecdote at a recent gathering, Doreen related an even better story. The conversation went like this:

— "Hi, Trudy! It's Doreen."
— "Hi, Doreen."
— "Funny, you don't sound like Trudy."
— "Well, you don't sound like Doreen."

Two funny instances of wrong numbers gone right. Do you have any such serendipitous conversations or encounters to share?

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