#371 – Invoking T.O.T.O.M.

Theory othe Oxygen Mask.

Just like those pre-flight instructions that go something like this: "In the unlikely event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop. Please put your mask on before attending to your children."

When you live with a chronic disease, it is important to look after yourself.

This means eating well, getting adequate amounts of rest and exercise. Thinking P.C. Nurturing yourself, which includes your spirit.

Minding my spirit this New Year's Eve means that what was planned will not be and what will be will be. It means that my intended post will have to wait 🙂

2012 began with a pop and ended with a (belly) flop, which wouldn't have been so bad if it had been into water!

Missteps. Slip Ups. Fall Down. Get Up.
A teeter-totter of losses and of gains
Times of triumph and of pain
Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
Time travels, friendships grow
Laughter shared; tears flow.

Missteps. Slip Ups. Fall Down. Get Up.
Breathe out, breathe in
One foot, then another, and again
The winds of change are blowing strong
Nature soothes, friends hearken
Thoughts clarified, decisions loosely woven.

Life, like rheumatoid arthritis is mercurial. Sometimes, you're on a teeter-totter, other times a roller-coaster. Reach out, hold on, hunker down. Pause. Breathe.

My wish for you is a heart-felt Happy New Year! May 2013 bring you more joy and less pain.

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