O Memory Tree

I have learned to experience the value of stillness - a pause amidst the bustle and the noise of the day. First thing each morning, I devote time to quietly sit while I sip my morning tea. And so begins my day from a position of peace and calm.

During these dark winter days, I delight in basking in the delicate light of our Christmas tree. I sit quietly and peacefully, dog at my feet. As my eyes travel from branch to branch, a window to the past gently opens. I realize that this Christmas tree is so much more; it has become a Memory Tree; something I did not envision when I began collecting decorations, all those decades ago.

Angels and bells, baubles and bows
Icicles, wreaths, a swan and a mouse
Fragile glass and needle craft
Snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and a snow globe
Reflections of my heritage and geography, too
Old and new, home-made and store-bought
Gifts from the heart, I remember them all
From students, from friends and family, past and present
Some tears are shed, as a smile fills me with joy
O Christmas Tree, O Memory Tree

However, this year, I'm adding a memory of an event that is still beyond comprehension.

I continue to shed tears for those whose hearts will be forever young, taken far too soon. I shed tears for their loved ones, whose hearts will be heavy, forever more.

I extend heartfelt wishes of peace and healing for those whose grief is so fresh and so raw.

The Mayan Calendar signifies change. May that change be about peace on earth and peace in our hearts. The time is now.

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