Mirthful Monday: Betty-Lou Got Married, Again

The news director glanced anxiously at her watch. "How best to fill the last two minutes of the 6 p.m. news?" she wondered.

Fortunately, she had access to Justin Case. Just in Case was the file she kept on hand for just such emergencies.

She called in her newest recruit and told him that he and the camera man were to interview Betty-Lou, an 80-year-old woman who had just gotten married for the fourth time.

"Oh, that's just great," he thought, as he rolled his eyes.

So, in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Surrey, they found themselves warmly welcomed by a spry 80-years-young woman.

He began the interview as soon as they were seated in her cosy kitchen.

"This is your fourth marriage, right? Can you tell me about your husband, Betty-Lou?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, he's a funeral director," she answered.

He then questioned her about her previous marriages.

It took her a moment to reflect back. "Well," she said, "I married John, a banker, when I was in my twenties. Then came the circus trainer, Roberto, whom I married in my forties. In my sixties, I married Thomas. He was a preacher."

More than a little surprised, the reporter asked her why she had married men with such diverse careers.

Her eyes sparkled as she laughed, "Well, one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!"

Thanks to Connie for sending me this joke, which went into my Justin Case file. That's a good thing because I was able to use it twice - once at Toastmasters, and once again on Mirthful Monday.

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