#366 – The Earth Moved…Me Out of “Retirement”

This post is reminiscent of Cher, The Eagles, KISS and so many other bands who never can say good-bye. Ahh, but only if the cash flowed into my coffers as easily as it does for their boomerang acts, but that's another topic! 🙂

You may have heard that the earth moved in a very big way this past weekend. The earthquake, which occurred off the coast in Northern British Columbia, registered 7.7 on the Richter Scale.

Although my backpacking days are long over, my bag is now stocked with emergency supplies.

It was big and close enough to propel BC residents into action - specifically, to assemble their emergency grab-and-get-the-h***-out kit.

The papers have been full of stories of stampeding shoppers rushing to void the shelves of the suggested necessities for survival should/if/when the "Big One" hits. As someone who takes that threat seriously, I'm glad that this test run has spurred previously complacent people into action.

Regardless of where you live, natural and man-made disasters can erupt at any time. Just in Case the edict to evacuate occurs when you are not "conveniently" at home, it is especially important to have some necessities with you. I am gathering other items to augment the essentials that I've stored in my car.

The stress of a disaster could initiate a flare-up, so make sure that you are as well prepared as possible; although an emergency is unpredictable at best, you can mitigate some of your anxiety by developing a plan and practicing it.

During a disaster, such as an earthquake, strength is required; mental and emotional fortitude will enable you to navigate the rubble and disorganization that ensues. However, physical strength is a necessity; the able-bodied may have difficulty turning off the gas or escaping from a home when the door frame has shifted. Imagine how much more vulnerable people are when they struggle with mobility. Do you have a neighbourhood plan? See the resources below.

This is a good time to mind your pees - plan, purchase, prepare, practice and participate.


Not in BC or Canada? Check out your government pages for information specific to your area.

8 Replies to “#366 – The Earth Moved…Me Out of “Retirement””

  1. It’s interesting that the earthquake off BC’s coast got very little attention in Seattle. Thanks for the reminder that we live on a major fault…off to gety emergency gear in order!

  2. There was some outrage here because the earthquake got too little attention, and I see that the hot springs have ended.
    Always a good idea to be prepared. All we did to get ready for the storm was buy some water, and today our water got cut off for a while.

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