Pausing. Connecting.

When I pause, I connect
to something greater than my ego.
When I pause, I let go
of the whirling dervish of my mind.

When I pause,
I am choosing a path that leads to a field
where nature reveals her glory through majestic trees, dappled in sunlight.
It's a place where wildflowers and butterflies sway
to the gentle syncopation of a brook
as it undulates into an ocean of possibility.

Intelligence? Oh, yes!
Accessibility? Definitely!
A place where a step
through a shimmery curtain
changes the nature of things and the nature of time.
Expands it, creates more of it.

A place where hurts are discarded,
where jealousy and resentments are long forgotten.
It's a place where creativity flows
abundance thrives
intelligence soars
and well-being just IS.

A pause. A breath. A heartbeat. A feeling.
A question is asked with a curious mind: What if...?

2 Replies to “Pausing. Connecting.”

  1. Marianna,

    What a beautiful poem! It describes so well the feeling that one gets when one is meditating or as you so eloquently put it “pause.”

    1. Your compliment appreciated, Dorlee, especially since I was deliberating about publishing this post.

      The great thing is that what I describe is what I experience when I do pause and connect to my heart, regardless of where I am.

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