#352 – Knives

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, the handle of your knife is as important as a well-sharpened blade. I don't own the knives that Annette is describing on her blog. However, I do have a number of knives with handles that are of different thicknesses.

My favourite knives are made by OXO -  under the Good Grips label. The soft, cushioned rubber handle fits comfortably in my hand and, because it's made of rubber, it provides a better gripping surface than many other knives.

As we slice through time, these knives have had a good workout. So good, that I've had to replace two of them.

Unfortunately, there has been a change in the design. Compare the handles of the older and newer models in the picture, below. Apparently, the newer knife on the right has been on a diet.

Dependent upon your needs, and how your hands are, see if you can hold the knife - if it's not mummified in packaging - and mime slicing and dicing to see how it fits and feels.

auntie stress knife

If you go to a yard sale and see the old style of knife, will you pick up one for me, please? 🙂

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6 Replies to “#352 – Knives”

  1. It also helps when they are sharp, doesn’t it? I got carried away and even bought a right angle knife to slice bread – only used it twice. You just don’t need special devices for things you never do.
    Your committment to movement sounds interesting and healthy.

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