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More than a few years ago, I took a Distance Education course from the University of Waterloo. At the time, my right elbow was in pretty bad shape, so the university and the professor allowed me to spread a one-term course out over two terms.

This worked out well for me, but I neglected to consider the exam. More precisely, the length of the exam.

The exam was invigilated by a local librarian. I spent three solid hours writing. By the end of that exam period, I practically had to chisel my pen out of my hand.

It would have been better to write the exam in two separate sessions of an hour and a half each. Using a keyboard to type out the answers might be an option, although research shows that motor actions, such as physically writing, reinforces the learning process, and I believe, helps in recall.

Since it's been so long since I've been in a university exam situation, I'd love to hear how you've worked around this issue.

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  1. That would be a dilemma… I too find writing notes and rewriting things that I would like to remember as a helpful aide to memory. Typing the same info just does not work in the same way. However, if I had no choice and I had to make do with the computer as my method of studying, I think I would try and come up with ways to make the data entry part more meaningful. Hence, more likely to have a positive impact on my recall. So for example, I would be more creative in entering the information – perhaps trying to enter symbols along with notes or to ask myself questions about the information I was typing as I was typing (various tricks to aid in subsequent recall) so as to avoid mindless typing of information and zero recollection of facts later.

    1. That’s an interesting idea to use symbols, Dorlee. I also read that you can help trigger memory by using an essential oil when you study, then dabbing the same essential oil on a tissue or your hand for your exam.

      1. I don’t even remember. It was one of the subjects for the final semester of my MBA program! Very likely one of the quantitative ones because I distinctly remember the big relief that I felt after that was over.

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