#340 – Vacuums That Suck

A vacuum is a quick and easy way to clean. For most people.

When purchasing a new vacuum, do pay attention to the weight. I think it would be helpful to shop for a new one when you are flaring. That way, you won't over-estimate your abilities.

I find that dragging around a canister vacuum can be hard on my back, whereas an upright vacuum puts more strain on my arm and shoulder. A stick vacuum, which is light in weight, often doesn't have the same amount of suction power as the aforementioned types.

The other problem is that many vacuums require a vice-like grip in order to change attachments or open compartments. Then there's the noise, but that's an entirely different issue.

We have one of each. Sadly, I wouldn't recommend any of them. Dependent upon what needs to be done and how I'm feeling, Glinda will put one of them into service.

Does anyone have one of those robot-type vacuums? Would you put your RA Stamp of Approval on it?

2 Replies to “#340 – Vacuums That Suck”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    I’m sorry that both types of vacuum cleaners end up straining your body…I’m glad you have Glinda to help you out 🙂

    With regards to your question about the robot vacuum cleaner, I will ask my husband’s cousin the next time we talk. They have one and I remember them liking it but I don’t recall if it was “good enough” to replace all their vacuuming needs or whether it was simply used as an adjunct to their regular vacuuming.

    1. Hi Dorlee,
      “Glinda”, or “Glenda”, as I erroneously, and perhaps not so humorously wrote is me. LOL!

      That would be great to have a first-hand roomba opinion. Thanks.

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