Hawaii 5 Ohhh! – Part 2

5 Things to Take With You On Vacation

  1. Personal travel mugs and travel cutlery. It's a small way to reduce your ecological footprint, especially if you're going to enjoy the epicurean delights that are on offer at the markets.
  2. A Swiss Army Knife. It comes in handy when you make those market purchases, or gather some fruit that practically falls into your hands.
  3. A few clothes pins to keep those towels and suits in place when they're drying on the lanai.
  4. flashlight. I was glad I had mine when the power went out one night.
  5. Extra layers for the plane.

5 Hawaii Highlights

  1. A session of Watsu®-Waterdance®, beautifully integrated with Trager Approach® Principles from Sarah Lynn Joy. Please see #318 - An Unexpected Journey to Joy. Whether you have a chronic condition or hurt because, unlike mine, your husband didn't forbid you from doing any of those energetic activities from Part 1. The place to go to feel better is Deep Wave Healing.
  2. Volcanoes National Park - their Visitor Centers, plus points of interest make the $10.00 admission price a good bargain.
  3. Ahalanui Park - a swim in this spring and ocean-fed geothermal pool makes for a refreshing break. Unfortunately, we ran out of time or I would have explored the Kapoho Tidal pools.
  4. Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi. The best we had was at The Fish Hopper in Kona.
  5. Snorkeling - always a plus for me!

5 Reasons a Change of Scene is Good for Me

  1. I learn about new things, like Vog, or volcanic smog. Vog is carried from Kilauea in south-westerly direction by the trade winds. It is seen and smelt along the Kona coast.
  2. Travel provides great blog fodder. Happy Jetting with West Jet, An Unexpected Journey to Joy, Merry at the Marriott King Kamehameha Hotel, plus several other posts in the making.
  3. It deepens my ability to go with the flow and expect the unexpected.
  4. I love to travel, but travel also allows you to appreciate the positive qualities of home.
  5. It gave me an opportunity to observe how my anxiety began to rise and how knowledge, coupled with techniques, turned things around for me.

As we headed south from Kona, we soon left the land-before-time tropical scenery behind and entered a large area that looked as if someone had fun with black spray foam. Lava, as far as the eye could see, with only hints of new growth reaching for the sky. As we drove, I noticed that in addition to getting edgy, I was also becoming car sick.

There's a reason why I don't ride roller-coasters and this road could have qualified as one, albeit one for toddlers. It wasn't until I had gained more information from the Visitor Centre at Volcanoes National Park that I realized a big part of my unease was caused by the fear of what might be.

My imagination was working overtime; I was anticipating a major eruption at any minute. I now know that those volcanoes are very well monitored and that there are things one can do, should Madame Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, become enraged. Once again, education and preparation make a difference.

How have you benefited from a change of scenery?

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