#319 – A Messy Kitchen and a Dirty Car

auntie stress kitchen

You may think it rather strange that these are two things for which I am grateful.

The reasons are not in or of themselves, but because of what they signify.

If both my kitchen and my car were white glove clean, it would mean that I wasn't well enough to be cooking nor agile enough to be taking my dog on those beloved walks in nature. 

Sometimes, we can get so upset over what we see and how we feel in our immediate surroundings, that we forget to look at the bigger picture and the significance of that picture.

It's all about perspective. So, if you're upset that your children have made a mess in the living room, consider that they're having fun playing, instead of being at each other's throats. Or if your spouse/partner decides to do a chore that they don't normally do, resist the urge to editorialize. Maybe your house is in complete disarray because you've been on outings with your family.

Remember that a mess can be cleaned up, which is what I'm going to go and do now. See you tomorrow morning!

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