#316 – From Chopin and Beyond – Part 2

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I never turn down an offer of a free book, especially one that came with an opportunity to offer a giveaway to two lucky readers!

In From Chopin and Beyond, I talked a bit about the many loves that permeate this book. I didn't mention that I almost quit reading the book at one point. The teacher in me had an objection to an event that occurred while Byron Janis was a student in Texas. Fortunately, I was able to move beyond this section to finish the book.

Below, are four questions that Byron Janis graciously took time to answer:

1. Have you ever ventured into non-classical music?

Byron Janis: Most definitely. I've written songs, many in the popular idiom, all my life. I've also written a musical based on Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame which is currently in development and wrote songs with lyricist George David Weiss.

2. How is the live performance experience different from doing a recorded session?

Byron Janis: For me, much easier. That is why in my last 2 recordings for EMI, one just re-released of the Chopin Collection, I insisted on having an audience at the recording session to make it more like a live performance.

3. You have achieved a great deal, despite living with psoriatic arthritis (PA). What would you have done differently if you didn't have PA?

Byron Janis: It's hard to say but certainly I would have kept performing many more years. However, I probably would not have composed as much as I have.

4. I'm a big believer in the heart-mind-body connection and write about it on my blogs. What advice would you give to someone who is not ready to accept this powerful force that lies within each of us?

Byron Janis: To realize the heart-mind-body connection can be such a powerful asset in every area of your life. If not to accept, then to try to keep an open mind - as we should do with all things in life - to say "maybe" rather than "no." All the medical people, and there have been many, in my life, have told me I would never be able to play the piano again - I proved them wrong.

Why would you want to read From Chopin and Beyond?

  1. This is a fascinating look into the life of a man who has worked hard to accomplish a great deal.
  2. It is full of lessons, including learning to accept the help that comes your way.
  3. It's about learning to tune in to that inner voice.
  4. It's about living a full life with a chronic illness.
  5. Byron Janis' life story provides much-needed inspiration, illuminating what is possible. Plus, it's a great stress undresser because as you read this book, you immerse yourself in something positive and uplifting. That changes your chemistry - for the better!

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4 Replies to “#316 – From Chopin and Beyond – Part 2”

  1. On waking, what inspires me, is the sight of early morning light cascading through my bedroom window. The happy sounds of songbirds. And that first cup of coffee 🙂

  2. I’ve always admired and been inspired by the late June Callwood. First met her when we both served on the same committee for a few years — she was a grand lady. Glad that our paths crossed.

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