#289 – Hot Rubber Mattresses

auntie stress hospital bed
Image courtesy of Irene Morales

I don't do well in heat. I especially don't do well when I'm lying atop a rubber or plastic hospital mattress in a hot hospital room. Ugh!

Even the thought of it makes me break out in a clammy sweat. Add surgical pain and it's more than a gal can stand. Well, this gal, anyway.

There are two solutions. The first one was offered to me when I was staying at the rehab hospital. They had a number of fake sheepskin "blankets" which could be tucked under the bottom sheet. It helped.

At the hospital, I asked the nurses to place a folded up flannel sheet along the length of the bed, before adding the bottom sheet.

The difference in comfort was amazing.When rest is so crucial to a good recovery and hospitals are not the most restful places, every little bit helps.

Now, if only they would stop making men and women share hospital rooms, but that's another topic for another day!

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