#282 – Banking on It

Not all banks are created equal. Neither are the counters at the banking machines.

A mobility challenge can make it difficult to hold on to all the essentials. I'm constantly surprised at the size of the area that is allotted (or not) for your money management. At some banks, I find myself juggling my purse, wallet and pen.

To the right is a model for a great banking machine set-up. There is room to put down your purse and/or wallet, or even both. Signing a cheque is not a problem, either.

4 Replies to “#282 – Banking on It”

  1. no room for a wheelchair, though. One of my soapboxes. Because I’ve yet to see an accessible ATM. Because people with disabilities don’t have money, maybe? 😉

    1. Lene,

      I think this one might accommodate a wheelchair, depending upon the size of the chair and the type of arm rests.

      As you stated in your post, a disability/illness is costly.

  2. The ATMs here too are not geared to help with say walking sticks or crutches. I also find it hard to leave my glasses for distant sight on top of the machine so that I can operate the machine’s keys and follow instructions.

    1. Ramana,
      Do you think a hook or a slot for a cane or crutches would help? If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to fix, amend or change the design of something.

      How about having the key pad placed horizontally, rather than vertically?

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