#273 – Make and Model

A television ad for a class action suit against the manufacturers of a failed hip replacement part grabbed my attention. Although I don't have the ad, I did find this article about a recall for a failed hip component and the subsequent higher-than-normal incidence of revisions (repeat surgeries).

I am sporting a fair bit of hardware. I have no idea who the manufacturers are, nor the serial numbers of those parts. That is something I would like to have in my medical records.

I think that patients should be given an owner's manual for each extra part that we are given. The car comes equipped with one. After all, aren't we the most valuable vehicle we own?

What do you think? Would you like to have a parts inventory after you've been given new hardware?

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  1. I have insisted on the old prostheses being returned to me after the three revisions that I have had. My surgeon assures me that he has the records of all the prostheses that he uses and so I am not particularly worried. None of my prostheses are from the company that made the defective ones.

  2. My son intends mounting all the prostheses on a rosewood base for display after I am dead and gone!

  3. Just before I went for my annual review post hip replacement there was a big scare running through the Media. As I was only weeks away from my appointment, I decided to wait until then to ask questions. The problem was with DePuy metal on metal components. Thankfully I did not have MoM I was well checked and have no problem since, I was told I would be seen again for review in ten years. I see there are rumbles again – this is how they are dealing with it this side of the pond: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Hip-replacement/Pages/Metal-on-metalimplants.aspx

  4. I’m very fortunate that so far nothing has been replaced. For years my hands weren’t “bad enough”. Now they are “too far gone.” As long as they can repair me, I’ll continue with that plan. But I’m beginning to run out of some parts that they probably can’t replace. That frightens me more.

  5. Yes!! Get every serial number, name, make, model, year of manufacture–every thing you can get your hands on for anything that is put in your body. The U.S. has no centralized source for this information like the U.K. does as part of their health system. Do not depend on your surgeon, primary care doctor, clinic or hospital to have this information. Each doctor and hospital has their own system (or not) for this information. I have had to dig up this information more than once when it was quite important to have it. Put the information in a place where you will be able to find it. It’s part of taking responsibility and control of your treatment.

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