#267 – How You Slice It

auntie stress sliced bread
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Have you noticed a change in the way that bread is sliced? Do you remember when each slice of bread was much thinner than it is now, netting more slices per loaf?

Thicker slices may be good for the bakery since you go through a loaf of bread faster. However, if you are watching what you eat, you are often getting double the bread serving you once did.


  • asking the baker to slice the bread according to your specifications
  • dusting off your bread maker and make your own
  • serving only one piece of toast with your morning egg, if the bread you buy is thickly sliced

8 Replies to “#267 – How You Slice It”

  1. I had this very same discussion recently. I can infact slice bread finer with an electric knife at home than the loaves sliced and ready wrapped in the shops.

  2. Hadn’t really noticed. Maybe because we buy house brand bread?

    For the homemade bread, have you figured out how to cut the pieces evenly? We didn’t have much success cutting thinner pieces when we had a breadmaker.

      1. Ah,,, I have been slicing bread for a large family since I was ten years old. The thinner the slices the more sambos to go round. I also have the eye of a needleworker and fond of ‘small’ and ‘narrow’.

  3. Well, I like the thick slices when it’s homemade bread. And I always want to eat one piece while it’s still warm, so I can never get it thin at that point. I buy a brand of sandwich bread that is relatively thin, and it’s a big loaf. Of course, the cost is a lot thicker than it used to be, too.

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