#265 – A Kitchen Necessity: High Chair

If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you'll remember Anne, the physiotherapist extraordinaire I would occasionally see.

This tip came from her.

When doing work at the kitchen counter, sit down on a high chair or stool. Save your joints. Save your energy.

I have this lightweight foldable stool tucked into a corner, ready to be pulled into service. Although, like those long-ago art classes in elementary school, it just seems easier to cook while standing. So, I do, whenever possible.

4 Replies to “#265 – A Kitchen Necessity: High Chair”

  1. Thanks – I never thought about purchasing a high chair or stool but maybe that would be a good idea… When I’ve had a lot of cooking/chopping to do in one day, I’ve typically carried over the potatoes or whatever to my kitchen table so that I could sit part of the time but then I have two areas to clean – both the counter area and the kitchen table… I’d rather limit the messy work to the counter area. Having a high chair would enable me to do that 🙂

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