#262 – Soup. Softly Does It.

Image courtesy of Patrycja Cieszkowska

I had taken out the carrots in preparation for making chicken soup. I ended up running out of steam, so I decided to make soup the next day, leaving the peeled carrots out on the cutting board.

The next day, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to slice and dice that trio of carotene-filled goodness. Since they were going into soup, the crunch factor was not a necessary component.

If you don't have a food processor and are struggling to slice and dice, this may be one way to put a bit of ease into your food preparation.

Now, if only I had left out the potatoes!

I'm not a fan of using the microwave for food; about the only use our microwave gets is for this. However, on Cooking with Arthur, Kate suggests using the microwave as a way to soften your veggies before you attempt to slice and dice them.

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