#257 – Packing Heat

Inflammation means heat. It also means pain and restricted movement. Rheumatoid arthritis has taught me to listen to what my body needs.

Sometimes, I'll find that instead of ice, it's heat that feels better.

My mom made me a number of different-sized oat-filled packs which I heat up in the microwave. Since there is a lot of moisture in the packs because of our proximity to the ocean, I usually zap it for three minutes. Then, I test it before I use it. When I lived in central and northern Canada, I would only put the pack in the microwave for two minutes.

The long, skinny pack works well for a stiff neck and the large, rectangular one is great for the back.

You can also make heat packs using un-popped popcorn. If you don't have an oat pack, check the instructions on your gel pack. Many of them can be served up cold or hot!

5 Replies to “#257 – Packing Heat”

  1. I have several rice bags that people have made for me or that I’ve made myself out of tube socks. The problem is that the rice doesn’t smell all that nice and isn’t as soft as I’d like. I never thought of an oat bag, though. Thanks for the information. I will definitely try it. I’m much more a heat person than a cold person because of the fibromyalgia.

    1. Harmony,
      I think in terms of softness, rice, oats or popcorn would be about the same. I just realized that popcorn may not be such a great idea. It may actually start to pop in the microwave! LOL!

  2. I had no idea that you could made heat packs in this way… Thanks for sharing. How lovely for you to have this source of comfort from your late mom… I’ve only used the traditional electric heating pads or those pads that you buy in the store that can go in the microwave. Interestingly, my mom typically places extra thick [warm] scarves on areas that need warmth and she draws comfort in the achy areas in this way.

    1. I’m not a big fan of the electric heating pads. I find that the moist heat from an oat pack is so much more therapeutic. Now, thanks to your lovely comment, each time I use it, I’ll imagine my mom giving me a big hug! 🙂

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