#243 – “Infoamed” Decision

Bar? Liquid Pump? Foaming? There's more than a few choices for hand soap.

My preference, for ecological reasons, is bar soap, without the anti-bacterial properties.

My second choice is for the foaming hand wash. The reason is simple. With the liquid pump, I find that the soap is harder to distribute over my hands, as the gelatinous-like liquid seems to hide in the nooks and crannies that constitute my hands. The foam, once dispensed and wetted, is lather for the better!

Which do you prefer using?

2 Replies to “#243 – “Infoamed” Decision”

  1. Bar soap. Just seems more hygenic for some reason that putting your hand on a pump that goodness knows who has touched (when outside your own home). Easier to carry too when travelling.

    Hint: the left over pieces of bar soap can be used to mark fabric for cutting, hemming or stiching without harming your fabric.

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