#240 – Benched: Height Matters

Once again, kudos go to The Corporation of Delta for the thought that was given to the benches in the women's change room at the Sungod Recreation Centre.

Before the renovation, the benches were quite low. You can see the old one in the background, to the left. The renovation that was done to the facility included adding some taller benches.

Why a facility should consider having higher seating options:

  1. For someone who struggles with rheumatoid arthritis, it is difficult to get up from low seating.
  2. Since swimming is excellent therapy post-hip replacement, you want to ensure that your patrons are safe. For three months post-surgery, you are not allowed to exceed ninety degrees. If the benches are low, a patron may choose to stand while changing. This could increase the risk of fall.
  3. Many patrons use swimming as therapy for an injury. Dependent upon the injury, they may find that a higher bench helps, and even encourages them, to get in the swim. If it is so daunting to get changed, they may become discouraged before they even start.

If your facility doesn't have benches of varying heights in the change room, perhaps it's time to write a letter, politely making that request for inclusion and safety, not to mention fitness; for all bodies and abilities.

What are the benches like in the change room at the facilities you frequent?

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