#232 – Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: Please Pass the Salt (and Pepper)

For those of you who are old enough to remember skipping songs, you'll know that “pepper” was the prompt that signified that the rope was about to speed up.

Although my skipping days are long gone, pepper, thankfully, has not skipped out of my life.

I love spicing things up in the kitchen and dining room with freshly ground pepper. I have several manual pepper grinders; unfortunately, the torque that is required to get those grinds is asking too much of my hands and wrists.

Several years ago, I found this Starfrit Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill. I decided to get a mate for it and purchased a second one in white for the salt! These are rechargeable and come with a light, so you'll be able to add more seasoning to those romantic candlelit dinners!

At one point, I thought it had broken, so I started looking for a replacement. Most of the ones I looked at were cheaply made. I didn't think they would be any match against the force of the pepper grounds.

A mechanically-minded friend had a look at my beloved pepper grinder and discovered that one grain was stuck, so no replacement was required.

The Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill from Starfrit is absolutely one of my favourite kitchen items! In addition to same great features of the older model, it boasts an easier-to-load pepper "drawer", plus the grains don't seem to get stuck like they did in the older model.

Today's Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill is the last of four Starfrit kitchen gadgets that I have featured on the Gadget Tuesday Giveaways. One lucky person will receive a very generous gift from Starfrit, which includes not one, not two, but four kitchen and hand-friendly gadgets. Woohoo!

For one entry, please visit Starfrit and leave a comment below identifying one other item not offered in the Gadget Tuesday Giveaway that you'd most like to own.

Have you commented on the other posts yet?

For bonus entries:

1. Identify the name of the service which is of most interest to you from Auntie Stress.

2. Posts on A Rheumful of Tips are listed in categories. Name three of them.

Your entries must be in by midnight PDT, on Thursday, May 10th, 2012. This offer is open to anyone with a Canadian or US mailing address.

16 Replies to “#232 – Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: Please Pass the Salt (and Pepper)”

  1. The item from Starfrit that I would most like to own would be the Easy Madoline. It has the versatility of 4 different blades so that this veggie lover can slice, grate, julienne or shred my veggies.

    1. No need to feel deprived. Your local grocery store should stock rock salt. But, then you’d need something like this Pepper (Salt) Mill to grind it.

  2. I’m with Barb. The egg slicer looked good, but I need something with stronger blades. The Easy Mandoline would be my choice of a great item. So far we’ve seen The 2 in 1 Peeler, the Electric Rotato Express, the Mightigrip Jar Opener, and that beautiful Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill. Never owned a pepper mill before. If I could manage any class from Auntie Stress, it would have to be the Zone Performance class. I’m sadly out of shape, and it’s not all from the rearrangement of my joints! Oh, and three of your other categories are Travel, Pets, and Food. Have I missed anything? I’m finding lots of useful information here, and I’m glad I found you.

  3. I would love a candy thermometer! Can the grinder grind things other than salt and pepper?

  4. Did you see the 9 piece storage set they are advertising on the front page? Gorgeous! I want…and do you think I can find a link to it????? Still searching!

      1. Hi Marianna, They are! Now to find them in a store… I’ll call up Starfrit and find out who carries them, but I think Starfrit is carried by Zellers, so they might have them there. Aren’t they cute!

  5. I love the lunch kits that are featured on the front page! They are so cute & useful!

  6. I desperately need a new, solid cutting board and the Starfrit maple butcher block is beautiful! As for Auntie Stress services, I probably could use the Stress Relief Program – I am not great at managing my stress. I love your site because there’s so much to explore and discover – three categories are Around the Home, Travel and Relationships.

  7. Thank you to all of you for taking the time to participate in the (Kitchen) Gadget Tuesday Giveaway. I’m pleased to announce that happygrape2 will receive four Starfrit kitchen items, all of which make kitchen chores easier to perform.

    Stay tuned for another joint-friendly giveaway. Gardeners, take note.

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