#231 – Cashier, Please

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This is a plea to cashiers, everywhere. When you see me unzipping my purse or my wallet, please refrain from asking if I have my rewards card. I'm in the process of getting it out and I'm going as fast as I can.

Oh, how I'd love to go back in time when reward cards did not exist. Not only do they add weight to a wallet, but they take up precious line time while people look for the reward card in the forest of reward cards that grows in one's wallet.

If there is counter room - many times there isn't - I am able to set my purse down and get out what I need while the cashier is checking out the person ahead of me.

Since reward cards are here to stay and it's likely that counter space won't be allocated for those who struggle with mobility, the only recourse is to educate the store owners who can then educate the cashiers.

Do you feel pressured when you are searching for your reward card? Are you frustrated with the lack of counter space? How about the plethora of rewards cards?

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2 Replies to “#231 – Cashier, Please”

  1. I have given up on reward cards for all the reasons you list. I feel pressured just getting my money out. I often have the correct change, but don’t bother because it takes too long to fish it out. And then they return change into your hand that requires you to turn your wrist around at angles no longer possible. So it just gets dumped into my increasingly heavy purse.

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