#227 – Pay at Pump Problem

Image courtesy of Kelly K.

Unfortunately, not all municipalities are as forward-thinking as Richmond, British Columbia, where all service stations are full-serve.

If and when your joints are flaring, you may wish to consider paying the attendant when it comes time to fuel up.

Even when I'm not experiencing a flare-up, I often struggle with payment. The credit card slot on the gas pumps don't allow for a lot of maneuverability; when you are not as dexterous as you once were, this can present a challenge.

4 Replies to “#227 – Pay at Pump Problem”

  1. So true. here in VT there are certain stations in each community that are designated and have signs so that folks know that they will do full serve….very welcome! Nan

    1. Most of our service stations have a bay that is full-serve, which of course costs more per litre. Is the gas at the service stations that are full-serve more costly, Nan?

    1. Well, you’ll just have to take a trip to Richmond, B.C. for that! 🙂 Although, I’ve never heard them ask if they could wipe the windows!

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