#225 – Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: Rotato, Potato, Beets

Well, I must admit that when I pulled this item out of that box full of goodies from Starfrit, I was skeptically eager to try it.

A pot roast, not unlike the one Jennifer describes here, was placed on the menu. The Electric Rotato Express made quick work of the potatoes, turnips and yams. There was a bit of peel left near the top and bottom, but my handy 2-in-1 Peeler took care of that.

I love beets. Peeling them when I want to grate some raw into a salad? Not so much. Well, now I can enjoy raw beets more often, thanks to this item.

Once your potato is peeled, you could also run the Rotato again and make shoe lace potatoes, yams or beets.

Today's Electric Rotato Express is the third of four Starfrit kitchen gadgets that will be winding their way to one lucky person at the end of the Gadget Tuesday series. If you comment on all four posts, that totals four entries that will be placed into the hat. If your name is drawn, you will receive the 2-in-1 Peeler, the Mightigrip Jar Opener, the Electric Rotato Express plus one other item, courtesy of the fine folks at Starfrit.

To enter your name in the giveaway, please explain how the Electric Rotato Express would be of benefit to you.

This offer is open to anyone with a Canadian or U.S. mailing address.

15 Replies to “#225 – Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: Rotato, Potato, Beets”

  1. Being a vegetarian, I am always needing time to peel and chop lots of vegetables. The Rotato Express would reduce my prep time especially after a long day of work.

  2. I love potatoes, in any shape or form, but I hardly ever have them anymore because peeling them is so painful. None of the gadgets I’ve tried so far actually work. I would love to have this Rotator Express to give me my potato ‘fix’.

  3. Oh, I think I would try to use it for apples! Or potatoes. My hands are pretty badly bent and very weak, and I have lots of trouble holding a peeler. Especially when I have smaller potatoes. And I’m honestly pretty dangerous with a knife, so this would be a great new tool. Never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I cook with beets and potatoes all the time and they are such a pain to peel! Beets, especially, are difficult. I’d have so much fun with this that I’d be inspired to eat healthy more often! 🙂

  5. There is simply nothing better than fresh beets. I love them roasted, and I love them raw on my salads, but they are SUCH a pain to peel! I can’t think of a better gadget to have on hand for peeling.

    1. Usually when I have beets, I roast them unpeeled and wrapped in tinfoil, because of peeling pain.I wasn’t certain whether the Rotato would work on beets. I’m thrilled that it does.

  6. I have terrible grip – so I keep dropping things when I am peeling them – and at the end of summer, I peel and process a full pear tree worth of pears into pear sauce. It’s hard work, and this peeler would be a life saver!

    1. Hi Colleen,
      We don’t have a pear tree, but one year, I was given a bucket of pears. I ended up using one of those apple corers. I made pear pie and pear crumble, foregoing the peeling. What do you do with your pears?

      1. The tree belongs to my neighbour and she won’t eat the pears – which is sad because they are so juicy and yummy! Two years ago, we completely picked the tree and I spent a day peeling them, coring them and adding them to an enormous pot to make a pear sauce. I cooked them down for hours and then pureed them with a hand held immersion blender. The only thing I added to the sauce was nutmeg. It was so sweet, it was hard to believe there was no added sugar. It was the first time I had ever preserved anything so it was a bit fun to do – I was jimmying up stuff in my kitchen to do the canning. I had really sore feet at the end of the day, and the result was 12 little jars of sauce, but that sauce was heaven on earth. The tree didn’t do well last year, so we didn’t get any pears, but we are watching the tree carefully this year to make sure it gets what it needs. Those pears are totally organic and awesome!

        1. Oooo, nutmeg! That sounds yummy.

          I hope that tree does well this year. A lot of work, but during those dark winter days, you have a taste of summer!

  7. So true! You know, I have a sneaking suspicion I have a jar or two left in the basement…got to go look…

  8. We have been using the rechargeable pepper mill for over 10 years we recently purchased a new one in black the original one came in white it is so old it is discolored . We recommend this to everyone. We have a daughter that is handicapped and it is so easy for her to use.

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