#206 – Sleep, Oh Beautiful Sleep

Surgery is traumatic. Getting to the hospital. Prepping for surgery. The anesthetic. Cutting. Even if you're not conscious, a part of you hears the whirrrr of the saw, which isn't the most pleasant of sounds, anyway. Sewing or stapling. The pain. Hospital stay.

It's exhausting.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to sleep, both at the hospital and when you go home. Give yourself permission to nap, doze or nod-off. Several times a day. Sleep when you need to sleep.

It is restorative. Do it for your health. Do it to assist your recuperation.

Finally, you know the contagion of a yawn. Well, perhaps this video will put you in snooze mood.

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2 Replies to “#206 – Sleep, Oh Beautiful Sleep”

  1. I totally agree with you, Marianna. I’m wondering how you deal with noise and all the disturbances that take place at the hospital… my dear friend recently had to stay at the hospital and was hardly able to sleep due to all the “racket” that takes place throughout the day (and night).

    1. Hi Dorlee,

      “Racket” is the perfect word for it. Hospitals are not quiet places, even at night.

      Two words: sleeping pill.

      I don’t normally use them, but it’s at the hospital, for a lighter sleeper, it’s a must.

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