#202 – Shelfish Room for Improvement

Those of us who may move a little slower or struggle with mobility are familiar with the juggling act that takes place at the check-out counter.

Frequently, the cash register and the cashier are hidden behind any number of last-minute items. You know the things you don't really need, but the store owners are hoping will catch your fancy.

I was raised in a home that honoured time. We didn't waste ours, nor anyone else's. I still carry this with me, to this day.

This is apparent when I stand in the check-out line. I'm the one who is unzipping my purse and getting out the requisite cards while the person ahead of me is in the process of paying for their purchases.

I feel like I'm doing my part, helping the line move a little more quickly. However, I'm often thwarted in my time-saving attempts because it is difficult to get my cards out when there isn't anywhere to rest my purse, never mind the items I wish to buy.

I would love to see more room at the check-out counter in all retail locations. Barring that, I suggest that retailers consider doing what Denny's has done, as you can see in this picture here.

What do you think? Would this be helpful to you? Do you think it would speed up the check-out process if you had an opportunity to get ready before reaching the cashier?

auntie stress check out counter
Crowded counter
auntie stress check out counter
This shelf pulls out when needed - brilliant!

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