#195 – Laughing…at Myself

I often awaken before the alarm goes off. The alarm clock I have is the type that doesn't shed any light unless you press down on the Snooze button.

One morning, several weeks ago, I grabbed the alarm, pressed down and saw that it was 7:30.

I got up, started the coffee machine, let Holly (our dog) out, fed her and filled her water bowl. Then, I checked my email, as well as that day's Rheumful of Tips post.

"Hmmm, that's funny," I mused in my semi-somnolent state, as I peered at the computer with bleary eyes. "I wonder why today's post isn't showing up?"

Then, I looked at the time on the computer. 1:40 a.m. "Don't tell me that the time is broken, too!" I thought to myself.

Off I went to check the kitchen clock. Well, suffice to say that it was no surprise that Holly had gone back to bed. Which is exactly where I went, once I realized what I had done.

In my half-asleep state, I thought that I had obscured part of the seven when I checked the time. Since I had lots to do that day, I didn't want to risk getting a late start, so I popped up out of bed - at 1:30 in the morning!

Apart from the fact that it happened in March, it could almost qualify as an April Fool's Day joke!

Did you know that stress can break your funny bone? It's a good sign that I am able to laugh at the goofy things I sometimes end up doing. That wasn't always the case. When you live with a chronic, debilitating illness, there are days, and sometimes weeks, when nary a smile crosses your face. Laughter? Lighten-up? Harrumph!

Laughter is good for you. Not only do you breathe deeper, but you usually feel good when you laugh. It's through feelings that you transform your stress.

How about you? Do you care to share any of your gaffes? C'mon, you know you want to!

7 Replies to “#195 – Laughing…at Myself”

  1. Holly probably looked at you, thinking “okaaayyy…. so I’m getting extra food in the middle of the night? Nevermind, not protesting!” 😉

  2. Much research underlines that laughter is a great medicine. You have cited some of the reasons. Remember Norman Cousins who cured himself of an autoimmune illness through laughter watching old films. Joy is part of life and
    focus on the upside helps us get through each day. I better remember that!!! Beth

  3. I recall there was an “omelette incident” last summer. Don’t worry, no omelettes were harmed (or even made) – I think it was just an early morning senior’s moment.

    I’m responsible for monitoring and updating the agenda for a breakfast business mastermind group I attend. At the end of one meeting, I asked for input as to future topics. After a few minutes, I had several meeting slots filled.

    Come next week’s meeting, I asked for a few minutes to review what was coming up for the following week’s agenda, and proceeded to read off what I had written down. Two things were on that agenda; a review and discussion of a fellow member’s key service, and, wait for it….. you guessed it, omelettes.

    The double takes around the table were classic, my own included. Fellow members – good friends all – were swift with the wisecracks, to say the least. No one was taken more off-guard than myself as I did not, and still to this day do not, remember writing this word down. It IS my messy handwriting – no doubt about that – but when asked why on earth I wrote that down, I honestly answered that I HAD NO CLUE!

    I’ve chalked it up to either too much, or, too little caffeine….. along with the odd neural synapse going severely astray.

    Suffice to say, omelette-themed discussions continue to crop up within this group even now.

    At the very least, we all get a good laugh, and what a great way to start the day!

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