#191 – Sleep: The Food Connection

Image courtesty of Harpreet Padam

Does your carefully made bed look like high winds have ripped through your bedroom, even before the clock has struck midnight?

If sleep is a problem for you, consider looking at what you've eaten throughout the day.

I know that if I've eaten too many things I shouldn't have - things I'm not confessing to, but you can guess, if you like - I don't sleep as soundly.

My body is busy digesting those things it doesn't really want or need.

Often, when we have a bad sleep, we forget to look at what we ate the day before. We neglect to make the connection.

I urge you to experiment. Stay away from your shouldn't have's for a while. Then indulge, but keep track of what you've eaten. Go to bed. Did you sleep well or did you toss and turn? Check your list. Is there a correlation?

You may have to repeat this experiment several times before you can draw your own conclusions!

4 Replies to “#191 – Sleep: The Food Connection”

  1. Thank you so much, Grannymar, Elly and Andra for unravelling this WordPress commenting issue. I can fully appreciate the efforts you all undertook.

    *Standing ovation!*

  2. I have found if I eat dinner too late and don’t stay up til the wee hours of the morning I do have a terrible night’s sleep. Usually wake up in an hour and a half from a nightmare. (seem to remember Grandma saying “don’t eat that it will give you nightmares”)

    (trying an email that has nothing to do w/ WordPress or Gravatar)

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