#189 – Here I Go. Again.

You may or may not know about my un-hip adventure in January. It featured a dislocated hip, a trip to the Emergency Department and a follow-up visit to the surgeon.

I saw my surgeon a couple of weeks ago. Eight x-rays later - do keep track - the news wasn't what I had expected. In fact, I think "stunned" would have been an appropriate adjective to use to describe my initial reaction upon learning that I'd need more surgery to replace the socket portion of the prosthetic.

Ironically, last autumn, I do recall telling my chiropractor that I had a sense that something wasn't right with the right hip.

There was some osteolysis (debris from the plastic components) present in the bone around both prosthetics. Also, it was apparent that the "lip" (illustrated in blue) on the plastic socket of one hip had worn thin. This means that the ball isn't held as firmly in place, which likely contributed to my dislocation.

I had a cry - who wants to go through another revision (surgery) and three-month recuperation period - then, I accepted that if I need the surgery, I need the surgery. Two dislocations are more than enough for anyone!

Please note that you can find better illustrations of the a total hip replacement by doing an internet search. Click here for a 3:26 minute animation of a THR.

auntie stress hip replacement

2 Replies to “#189 – Here I Go. Again.”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you will need surgery and that this surgery will likely require a 3 month recuperation period (!).

    Will you be having this surgery soon?

    Hoping that all goes well and that you have as smooth and as quick a recovery as possible!

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