#188 – U.B.U. – Ugly, but Useful

I'll admit it, these pseudo crocs are not the most attractive shoe on the rack, but I'm glad that I have a pair in the closet, especially for times when I have Cracked Heels and Broken Bones.

They are not supportive, but they are wide and provide a lot of cushioning, which is exactly what I needed for that undiagnosed broken bone!

Do you have a pair of shoes for those times when you need a break? I'm not talking bones!

2 Replies to “#188 – U.B.U. – Ugly, but Useful”

  1. IT’s important to separate beauty from practicality sometimes, especially if it keeps you going and out of a doctor’s office or hospital. I have to wear orthotics in my shoes and though I now have a closet full of BIG SHOES, I haven’t needed surgery and I CAN WALK! Priorities please, Beth@Boomer Highway

    1. So true, Beth. *Applause* to no surgery for you!

      I learned that “fashion” lesson decades ago, when the shoe box was often more attractive than the shoes! Fortunately, shoe designers (and consumers) have changed in recent years. However, I think that there is still room for improving the “marriage” between fashion, practicality and comfort. (Hmmm, I wonder if any shoe designer would hire me….)

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