#186 – Element-ary Purchase

It was time to replace our appliances. I was practically drooling over the ceramic stove tops, imagining how much easier clean-up would be with no rings and drip trays to scrub.

Then, I realized that this would not be the best choice for me. You see, there are times when I knew that I was asking too much of my hands and wrists; times when I would have to slide a heavy pot off the element.

That sliding action could be detrimental to those very sensitive ceramic tops, especially if something abrasive like salt is lurking beneath the pot. Plus, if for some reason, my grip wasn't what it should be, I might drop the pot and crack that expensive-to-replace ceramic surface.

So, keeping my limitations in mind, the new stove is much like the old one. Back to basics. Back to the elements.

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