#181 – Red Light – Health Break

Image courtesy of Margan Zajdowicz

Are you one of those people who get upset, irritated, annoyed, frustrated, angry, or enraged whenever you hit a red light while driving? Left unchecked, these feelings can trigger the stress response.

Learn, as I did, to use red lights as a health break.

It's a perfect time to check in to see how you are breathing, feeling and sitting.

Please click here for more information and to learn some powerful stress undressing techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime. Even in the car!

2 Replies to “#181 – Red Light – Health Break”

  1. Hi Marianna, I just tweeted last week that it’s a good time to do Kegels and someone responded that they’ve been doing that for years. Red lights can be a time for a quick prayer or just to focus on the present and feel the air in your face if it’s a nice day. Beth

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