#179 – Don’t Shelve This Idea

I love going out for breakfast.

Not far from me is a Denny's restaurant. The coffee is always hot and the service is speedy and friendly. (Hi Kim!)

There's one more thing that adds to an all around pleasant breakfast experience. It's what you find at the cashier's desk.

How often have you struggled to get your wallet out of your purse, which is dangling from your arm? Add mobility issues and/or small children and it becomes an even more frustrating experience.

Take a look what Denny's has done. It's not big, but it's big enough. Other retailers would do well to make this design modification.

Why not start your day off with a good breakfast? Shall we pick a date and meet up at Denny's (8487, 120th Street in Delta)?

Tell them Auntie Stress sent you!

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