#172 – The Dirty Down Low

Some gyms have 'em, others don't. The ones that "don't" are doing a disservice to anyone who has trouble getting on or off the floor to exercise. It could be the young or old, wheelchair-bound, joint-replaced or not, arthritic or...

As a new-hip owner, bending more than ninety degrees at the hips is verboten. As a person who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, getting down low is a challenge and with prosthetic hips, not recommended.

The City of Surrey in British Columbia has provided the Guildford Recreation Centre with a raised stage area upon which to do floor exercises. There is also a similar set-up in the gym at the Sungod Recreation Centre in North Delta. As far as I know, this is not a standard feature across all the recreation facilities in both municipalities, but it's a start.

There is a big push for accessibility and fitness in many Canadian municipalities. Both these two municipalities have taken it to the next level with the addition of this piece of equipment/furniture.

Small changes, big results: in accessibility and improved fitness!

Do any gyms in your community have this feature? Perhaps this post could be used as an example to encourage your gym to make it more accessible.

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