A Country and Western Song

You know the joke - if your wife (or husband) left you, the truck won't start, the beer glass is empty and the dog ran away, you have the makings of a good country and western song.

You also have a recipe for stress, unless you have techniques that allow you to move through the sad songs of life.

From time-to-time, everyone has set-backs, things that go wrong, problems which aren't easy to resolve and disharmonious relationships.

Some people are able to quickly bounce back from these set-backs, while others get stuck, like a stylus in the scratch in a record - replaying the same refrain, spinning round, but not making any pleasant sounds. Until...they learn and do things differently.

Soaking in negative thoughts and emotions leads to more negative thoughts and emotions. Just like you have to get up and lift the stylus out of the scratch, you need to do something to move out of those feelings that drain, depress or enrage you.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get up and do something physical.
  2. Pull out your photo album and reminisce.
  3. Scan some of those old photos and send them to the people who are the subjects in those pictures. I recently did this. What a laugh we had!
  4. Change how you're breathing.
  5. Go do something you love, if even for a few minutes.
  6. Get out of your head and into your heart. This is where you begin to transform your stress and feel better - emotionally, mentally and physically.
When you recognize how much time you spend worrying, breath-holding or fuming and then know what to do to help you balance your nervous system, you realize that you can increase your resilience and enhance your performance.
Now, that's a record worth replaying, wouldn't you agree?

4 Replies to “A Country and Western Song”

    1. Jacqui,
      I know that you make a point of regularly getting into your heart, which is one of the reasons your writing is so uplifting.

  1. I have been remiss. The new look of the blog is very soothing. Nice.

    I would very much like to get out of my head and into my heart. There are however two problems with that. One, I don’t have a head and two, my heart is over flowing!

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