#171 – Get Gassed

One of the many reasons that I like going to Richmond in BC is because the city has a by-law which requires that all gas stations must be full-serve.

You may be old enough to remember when all service stations were full-serve, but in Richmond you don't have to remember, you can witness it first-hand. A big round of applause to the City of Richmond for preserving this bit of gas station history with forward-thinking legislation that shows the world that accessibility is important to their community.

Many times, I have struggled to apply enough torque in order to twist open the gas cap. When that is done, I then have to slide my credit card into that awkward slot, only to be informed that I'm not going fast enough! If that isn't enough, I have to stand and squeezesqueezesqueeze the nozzle while gas seems to dribble out at a disproportionate rate in comparison to the cost of the amount pumped.

In Canada, for safety reasons, our gas pumps do not come equipped with that thingy that keeps the nozzle depressed until the tank is full.

Of course, you could always use the full-serve bay, but at the price of gas, who wants to do that?

In the meantime, if you live in the Lower Mainland, you may wish to take a trip to Richmond. Come get your fill - at the pump and at one of the many fine eateries in Richmond.

Are you aware of any other communities which have similar by-laws?

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2 Replies to “#171 – Get Gassed”

  1. There is something to be said for full service stations. You use to “get to know” the attendants when you went to the same station each time. Much more sociable plus you got your windows washed each time! On those cold wet days you got to stay warm and cozy in your car too!

    Have you thought of getting a keylock gas cap? Not sure if they make them anymore. Adds security to your gas tank plus easier than fighting to twist the cap off.

    1. I’m glad that you brought that up re. the squeegeeing of the windows – had that, plus checking the tire pressure in this post, but deleted it.

      Thanks for the alternate suggestion re. the gas cap.

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