#168 – How Is Your Bread Buttered?

Long ago, I realized that a sandwich didn't need butter. Condiments like mustard or mayonnaise over-ride that buttery taste, anyway. Why add the extra fat?

If you're having toast and jam, just have toast and jam. Not toast and jam and butter.

In this world of instant this and big news that, people are forgetting that change (whatever it is) often occurs in small, systematic steps.

Have you made any small dietary changes?

8 Replies to “#168 – How Is Your Bread Buttered?”

  1. I have been skipping butter/marg on my sandwiches for ages! When someone else makes the sandwich I can taste the butter/marg and it makes the sandwhich taste kind of greasy.

    Another small dietary change I made (actually because of an old roomate) was no salt when cooking and applying afterwards. Once you get use to this, some things taste really salty. Less salt is good for your blood pressure.

    Can’t eat really sweet things anymore either. After cutting down on sugar I feel really gross after eating a really sweet desert.

    1. I do the same with both salt and sugar. Although, I do have a sweet tooth.

      It’s amazing how we train, or as in your case, retrain the brain and taste buds.

      One of the reasons I like preparing things from scratch is that I can control what goes into my food. Don’t you find that so many of those factory-prepared meals are laden with salt, sugar, food dyes or all at once?

      1. Yes about the prepackaged foods. Also, things like Kraft Dinner and Hamburger Helper taste starchy because they don’t tell you to rinse the noodles before adding the sauce mixture. I just make my own from scratch. Doesn’t really take any longer than doing it from a package.

  2. I have never eaten a buttered sandwich due to dairy intolerance. Mind you a sandwich needs some ‘moisture’ to hold the filling in place. I use stewed apple, or a chutney and last week I found cranberry and redcurrant jelly, it added a little sweetness to the meat sandwich.

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