#165 – Introducing Kate and Cooking with Arthur

In Health: A Jenga™ Game, I briefly mentioned that nutrition is an important aspect of health.

To cover this topic more thoroughly, I'm pleased to introduce you to Kate!

When the heat is on (in your joints) and even when it isn't, take time to visit Kate's blog - Cooking with Arthur. She will tempt your taste buds, tickle your tummy and feed your mind with tantalizing posts that encourage you to eat well.

How does the food you eat affect your autoimmune disease? See what you can cook up by checking out her "Arthur Investigates" pages.

Eating well does not have to be complicated. A pinch of this. A soupçon of that. Consider spending some virtual time with Kate - good food for thought and great food for you!

2 Replies to “#165 – Introducing Kate and Cooking with Arthur”

  1. I was wondering who Arthur was and didn’t twig – until I went to Kate’s delightful website – that she, too, has a pet name for her Arthritis. I guess if you’re going to be living with something (someone) for any length of time you might as well know them by name…Thank you, as always Marianna, for sharing your tips and those of the people you come across.

    1. Kathrin,

      Well, you’re not alone in wondering about “Arthur”. I only heard the term about three years ago, probably on Twitter.

      I’m glad to be a part-time people purveyor! 🙂

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